Here are three great reasons why you should consider selling in the winter.

Many people think that spring and summer are the best times to list your home for sale. While it’s true that statistically more transactions happen during those seasons, that doesn’t mean autumn and winter are unfavorable times to list. Here are three great reasons it’s a good idea to sell your house this winter:

1. You won’t be moving in intense heat. I’ve moved in severe heat myself, and it’s unpleasant. Everyone else I’ve spoken to who moved in the summer felt the same.

2. Some buyers will be looking for a winter home. Your property could be perfect as a second home for those trying to escape freezing temperatures. These houses are excellent to list during the winter because more people are interested in them during the season they’re trying to avoid.

3. Capital gains tax on real estate will likely increase. It’s almost certain that legislation will lead to an increase in capital gains taxes on real estate. Though we don’t know exactly when that will happen, it’s something to consider.

So if you have a property you’re thinking about selling, the upcoming months may be a great time. Don’t wait until spring when everyone else is listing too.

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