If you want to update your house for a return on investment when you sell, where are the smartest places to spend your money?

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If you want to renovate or update your home, which improvements will bring you the best return on your investment when the times comes to sell? The best place to start is the kitchen because it’s where people spend the most time entertaining and cooking with their family.

One of the best improvements you can make is to replace your countertops; go for quartz or granite to really improve the look. The next best is the cabinets. If you have gold oak cabinets and you’re upgrading to a granite or quartz countertop, consider updating the cabinet color too. Painting them white will make them look clean and modern and won’t cost you much. Finally, look into a new backsplash. Subway tile is very popular right now and will really update your kitchen at a low cost.

The second best room to update is your bathrooms. It can cost up to $15,000 to redo a bathroom completely, though. Recently, many clients have updated their plumbing fixtures like the shower and sink and have updated the lighting fixtures as well. Go for a brushed nickel or chrome finish to make it modern. You can also get an old tub or tile shower re-coated to make it look brand new. This can update the look of your bathroom and won’t cost as much as a full shower or tub replacement.


Next, you can always count on paint. I always say that paint costs $40 a gallon and is $1,000 when you put it on the wall. Fresh paint will give your house that clean, updated look without breaking the bank, but go for a color that complements the style of the home. If you haven’t completely renovated your house, stay away from super modern colors.

Much of it depends on the house, so if you have any questions about the specific upgrades that will work best in your home, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I’d be happy to help!