When you’re planning to sell your home, there are a number of things you ought to do to get it ready in order to maximize the amount of money you make. Today, I have three things you need to do in order to position yourself for the best sale possible.

1. Declutter your home.The way you live in a house is not the way you sell a house. We obviously want to make the home look warm, open, clean, inviting, and bright—all those things are very important in the sale of your home. In order to achieve that, the number one thing to do is remove a lot of your possessions. Buyers need to be able to envision what they’re going to do with their life in their new home. Pack up any spare belongings that you have laying around the house, on countertops, in closets, and so on.

2. Deep-clean your home. Hiring a professional company may cost you $300 on the front end, but on the back end, it’s going to translate into much more than that. A buyer that walks into a squeaky-clean, perfectly manicured house is going to notice. It will help them feel comfortable and confident moving forward to purchase the home.

“Uniformity and cleanliness are absolutely paramount.”

3. Consult with a real estate professional. Knowing what not to do is equally important as knowing what to do when it comes to selling your home. Sometimes sellers will update areas of their house with a modern decor style, but if other areas aren’t updated, that will stand out. The idea is to complement the style and design that you have in place without spending a lot of money and also to make sure the home is appealing to buyers. Uniformity and cleanliness are absolutely paramount, which is where consulting with a professional comes in.

If you have questions about buying or selling a house, please give me a call or send an email. We’d love to get together with you for a free consultation.