If you want your home looking its best when you list it this spring, follow these three key steps.


Here are the three steps you need to follow to prepare your home for the spring market.

First, make it look picture perfect. The way your home looks in online photos will determine whether buyers want to schedule a showing for it or not, so make sure it looks amazing in these photos. Making it look amazing starts with the pre-packing process—put away any personal belongings and clear your countertops so buyers can visualize your house as their future home.

Second, start decluttering your home so that it looks like a model home. Model homes usually only have a few items out for showings because, again, you want buyers to be able to visualize the space inside your home.

“You want buyers to be able to visualize the space inside your home.”

Lastly, pay attention to your home’s curb appeal. 50% of a buyer’s decision will be made the moment they pull up to your curb. Before they set foot inside your home, they’ll either be excited to view it or hesitant to walk through it at all, and that plays a big part in their ultimate choice. Make sure the grass is green in your front yard, your landscape is well manicured, and everything about your home’s exterior looks appealing from the curb.

If you have any more questions about preparing your home for the spring market or you have any other real estate needs I can take care of, feel free to call or email me. I’d love to help you.