There are three seller misconceptions not to believe about our market.

Though the market is in their favor, sellers still have to do the right things to sell quickly and for top dollar. Here are the three main misconceptions sellers have about our current real estate market:

1. You can list your house as is. You could list with no preparation, but if you want to get top dollar, you need to clean and perhaps paint and replace the carpet. Preparing for sale will ensure more buyers are attracted to your home. If the house is dirty, the yard is overgrown, or something’s in disarray, it won’t appeal to buyers.

2. You can list your home without an agent. Yes, selling the property yourself is possible, but with the market the way it is now, most sellers are working with a real estate professional. Day in and day out, real estate agents handle contract negotiations, and these can be stressful and challenging for those who don’t work with them constantly. In these negotiations, you can lose thousands of dollars. When buyers see a home hit the market that’s professionally marketed by an agent, you’ll generate more attention, more offers, and likely end up with a much higher net profit than if you sell it on your own.

3. You can price above market value. Most buyers are limited in how much money they can spend over market value. Also, to generate the most interest, it’s always beneficial for you as a seller to price the property at market value; you’ll get many more showings and offers.

“Preparing for sale will ensure more buyers are attracted to your home.”

Extra tip: If your house is priced under $400,000 in our Phoenix market, you’ll certainly receive multiple offers if it’s properly priced and prepared well.

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